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Now an international enterprise that spotlights cutting-edge design, HEADQUARTER began taking form more than 30 years ago on the vibrant streets of Mexico City.

Local tianguis  the overflowing, open-air markets that slither across entire blocks of the metropolis  were the first locations where founder Ricardo Campa set up shop, selling t-shirts to the diverse assortment of passersby. Years later, he discovered new sources of inspiration throughdifferent opportunities to travel abroad (it’s difficult to imagine now in our hyper-connected world, but this was the 90s, and the only way to really peek into a place’s culture was going there to witness it yourself). The forward-thinking street style of places like New York, London, and Paris have long been tapped into by designers looking to subvert conventions, but it was Tokyo that really blew Campa’s mind, and set the stage for what would later become HQTR.


Immediately captivated by Japanese designers’ holistic approach to retail — every store had a distinct look, feel, sound, and even smell — he returned to Mexico City and set up shop, bringing together an assortment of garments and select objects that would collectively weave a unique story. Always aiming to establish a dialogue with clients, HQTR has become both a point of encounter and departure, spotlighting foreign design through the distinct lens of Mexico City’s street scene.